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Welcome to Sondelli Guitars
In the heart of every note lies a story, a tale of passion and dedication. We believe your instrument is more than just wood and strings it's an extension of your very essence, a vessel for your musical voice in the grand symphony of life.


F-AudioLabs, a place where technological marvels intertwine with artistic dreams. Using cutting-edge software and hardware, we empower musicians, turning their imaginations into sonic wonders, echoing across continents.


In every Spektratone pickup and component, I embed the promise of perfection. It's about capturing the beating heart of your musical vision. In that split second when pick meets string, magic happens. Spektratone makes sure that magic and and every nuance, is captured and projected.

Sunset Hill Music Group

A launching pad for musical careers. We provide more than just recording contracts; we offer a supportive community of industry professionals dedicated to helping artists find both their voice and their audience.

About Me

I'm Francesco Sondelli, born and raised in Napoli, Italy.
Life led me to the dynamic streets of Los Angeles, where I've combined my passions for music, invention, and entrepreneurship.
I am also the soul and passion behind FireDreams Enterprises, embodying what's possible when you dare to dream beyond the horizons.
In a world that too often leans towards mediocrity, my deepest desire is to resonate with those who believe that through music, creativity, empathy, and sheer passion, we can rewrite the narratives of our world.

MUSIC* Early Stages: I've always felt called to music. I started off self-taught and took my passion to the stage as soon as I could.
* The Petalstones: Alternative rock became a home for me, and I co-founded The Petalstones alongside the multi-talented Malin Åkerman.
* Solo Pursuits: My solo career has been both enriching and eclectic, covering songs in English and Spanish. Collaborating with Eddie Kramer on my English album "Disordinary" was an honor, and my Spanish music ventures have equally been a joy.
* Songwriting Feats: I've had the opportunity to work with remarkable talents like Belen Thomas, Sal Da Vinci, Eiza González, and Kristy Frank among others.
* Highlighting 'Déjame Ser': Seeing my song feature on Ednita Nazario's Billboard Latin #1 Album "Soy" was a proud moment.
* Project ReEvolution: Collaborating with Capone Bungt Bangt has been fulfilling, as we aim to use music for positive change.
* SSC Napoli Anthem: As a football enthusiast, crafting the official anthem for the SSC Napoli Football Club has been a dream come true.

Beyond music, my spirit of innovation led me to found brands like Sondelli Guitars, F-AudioLabs, Spektratone, and F-Pedals.
Further, I'm also the mind behind the groundbreaking ViolaWave Microphone Sterilizers.

Projects like RocKramer, which even caught the attention of Rolling Stone Magazine Italy, and my partnership with Sunset Hill Music Group, have been milestones, enabling me to amplify talent and music through diverse platforms.

There are so many hidden talents out there, sparks awaiting the right gust to turn into roaring flames. I believe each has the potential to illuminate a transformative era in music and even beyond.Life so far has been an incredible journey, and I'm very grateful for each moment and each person that crossed my path.
Thank you for letting me share part of my story with you.

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